Friday, May 22, 2009

Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom, In Closing

I love this picture so much! The more times I look at it, the more I love it. This is what my classroom looks like most of the time. The teacher is observing and serving as a facilitator over these activities. My three favorites are the child making silly faces in the center of the room, the little boy with the shades starting out the window, and my sweet daydreamer lying back taking it all in and smiling. . . And do you notice the other children? No one is staring at any one else, no one stands out. This is a safe space where everyone is accepted.

It's a little different from a traditional classroom with rows, desks, and the teacher in the front of the room. . .

This is what a classroom should look like. Gifted children need space and flexibility. They also need structure and clear expectations within that space and flexibility. This is a delicate balance to navigate as a teacher and as a parent.

Is your homeschooling room or your classroom like this? By following the suggestions in the previous posts, and structuring your classroom toward freedom within limits, your students can look like these students- happy, safe, excited about learning!

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