Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday's Training Tip: Role Play

My tip for this week is fairly simple: Role Play. Whatever it is that your want your kids to be learning, you need to practice. Would you put them on stage for a dance or piano recital without taking them to practice lessons? On the field for a baseball game without having them first practice with a team?

In the same vein, you shouldn't send your kids out into the world without first practicing what you want them to do. In my class, we practice before ever guest speaker, every field trip, every assembly. We practice listening to others. We practice taking turns. We practice talking about problems. We practice not interrupting. We practice every single skill for which I am going to hold the accountable.

If I don't practice with them ahead of time, I can't expect them to know what to do at "show time". As their parent, you should be preparing them for the show of life. Take time to teach them and to practice with them that which is most important that they know. . . And most importantly-Have fun with it! We practice both the right thing to do, as well as the wrong. We have SO much fun with this! The kids beg to do it once you have done it enough for them to see.

I encourage you to make a list with your family of the most important social skills for your kids to know. Write them on note cards and put them in jar. Let your kids take tuns pulling them out after dinner or before breakfast. They can practice these situations, and you can add more to it as you or your children think of them. Before you know, it will be a fun and important practice in your family, too. Use my list above to help you get started, or email me for more ideas for your Family Role Play Jar.

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