Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Gifted Kids Need to Succeed

Have you read The Gifted Kids' Survival Guide by Judy Gilbraith?  If you haven't, you need to right now!  It is written for ages 10 and under, so pick up an extra copy to read with your child. . .  This will help you, and your child, have a better understanding of what it really means to be gifted.

Towards the end, Judy Gilbraith shares 5 things all gifted kids need in order to be successful in school- and in life!


I find the last two are the most important, and most difficult, to obtain.  Gifted children need to learn who they are- and not what others are telling them.  They are much more complex than your average joe kid, and that makes it all the more harder to get to know the constantly evolving self that is the gifted child.  Give your child to freedom to learn who they are and to constantly be reinventing that as well!

HELP them!  Be there to listen and share, mentor and guide.  Be a resource and lead them to other good resources.  I'm here, too.  I am happy to help you- so you can help them!

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  1. We actually ordered this a few weeks ago from someone on Ebay and the book is great! Self-Esteem is the hardest one we are working on right now. My little tornado boy has been singled out and made fun of the last year of preschool and when we go on some homeschool outings now, the other children just seem to know instantly that there is something "different" about him...maybe it's the fact that he would prefer to make super long, convoluted "calvin ball" games (from Calvin and Hobbs and one of my all time favorites) and the kids are totally lost in the first few seconds of his explanations or maybe because he prefers to discuss how many mph the average Amtrak train travels....but what usually happens is my little guy is left to play by himself while the others are happy to run off and play a "boring" game (in his words). This book is a great read and he was very happy to read that there are other children just like him out there...we just need to find some local ones for him!


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