Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Posting Schedule

Happy Summer to my faithful readers.  I just wanted to post to let you know my summer plans.  It always seems to me that people are on the go and away over summer- I know we will be out and about traveling and such off and on until school resumes.

I plan to post once a week until school resumes (which is mid-July for folks on the year round calendar here).  Try to check back periodically, or add me to your reader so you don't miss out.  I will be addressing your questions first, and then I'll cover some current events in gifted education.  Feel free to continue to post questions you would like answered. 

While I'm posting less over the next two months, I will also be working on upcoming series as well as some product and program reviews for the fall!

Many thanks to those who read regularly, and happy summer travels!

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