Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gifted Kids in Action: Math Check

I was recently at a birthday party for a group of kindergartners, one of whom I formerly taught. We went to the Build A Bear Factory and the kids had a rollicking good time. I was particularly amused as the children went about making their decisions for purchases. They each had $20 and it was amazing how quickly their math skills returned to them! I overheard this conversation between one gifted kiddo and a salesperson

Salesperson: Okay, so you are going to get this bear and this sound, right?
Partygoer: Yes, that is right.
Salesperson: Okay, so then you are all done. You need to go have a seat.
Partygoer: Um, excuse me? The bear was $13 and the sound was $5, so I'm pretty sure that I still have $2 left to spend.
Salesperson: Oh, my mistake. Go ahead and see if you can find some clothes or something for $2.

Somebody should have warned them that this was a birthday party for gifted 5 year olds! They'll keep you on your toes!

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