Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School

I think by now most everyone is back to school around the country.  A few last, lingering East Coasters hold out until after Labor Day, but other than that I think we are back.
How is it going?  What kind of school did you all decide on?  Are you off to a great year? 
I'd love to hear how this new adventure is shaping up!  My year has been terrific, and I may post some back to school memories later this week if time allows.
Also, I will be posting about the first chapter of The Survival Guide for Gifted Parents this coming weekend, so be ready to start! 

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  1. Well we attempted public school - at my son's request after a year of homeschooling last year for Kindergarten. We have been in school for 4 weeks and it has been a complete and total disaster. It's amazing how much damage just 4 weeks of school with the wrong teacher and the wrong environment can do to a happy-go-lucky kid. We came in with my son's high private achievement and IQ testing info with the psych's (who was a school psychologist in another county) recommendation for both acceleration and placement into the gifted program....and tada...the school and teacher ignored everything. Instead...they decided to hone in on every little thing wrong my little guy did...he did Montessori for 3 years before homeschooling and he has never been in a public school classroom where he is forced to sit for several hours with very limited talking and moving....then add in that he has dyspraxia and some sensory issues and it makes for a very unhappy child. When he got in trouble for talking in class, he was removed from the room and was made to write as his punishment - great way to reinforce why my son hates to write thanks to his dyspraxia issues. When he couldn't sit still in his chair without moving around he was told he lost his use of the chair and was humilitated and made to stand at the back of the classroom for 30 minutes. He was coming home in tears every single day complaining that everything was too easy and that he kept asking his teacher when he could get harder work- he actually said this to me and I had no clue how to answer him, "Mommy, it's not fair that all the other children get to learn new things, why can't I?"- for a kid doing multiplication and long division and reading on a 5th grade level and he was being made to sit and circle 6 balls on the paper or color all the pictures that start with the letter R for 4 weeks they have to have known that his behavior was going to start becoming an issue. I am just so upset about the whole thing and we yanked him after him coming home again today in tears saying how much he hated school and hated his teacher and that he never wanted to go back to school again. The sad part is identical story after story like my son's first 4 weeks are starting to be seen all over different gifted boards right now - all with gifted kids being treated the same way or not having their needs met. What a horrible waste and shame :-(


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