Sunday, August 2, 2009

Being Different is Great!

At the beginning of the school year, I spend a fair amount of time assessing and learning where my students are at in their academics in different areas. I am always amazed at the range of emotions that my gifted students show in the classroom. Let me share with you how your child may be reacting.

  • The students in my class have an option to cross off a problem when they don't know how to solve it. When they think they don't know anymore, they can draw a line and stop. I always have several students asking me if it is "okay" to stop, or if they will get in trouble if they stop. They also ask if I will "not tell their parents" that they didn't know.
  • They want you to teach it to them right then! Instead of recognizing that it is okay not to know something, they want you to teach them each and every problem that they don't know- right then!
Gifted children place so much pressure on themselves. Unreasonable pressures that we as adults would obviously not place on them. I don't share this to make parents feel badly- it is most likely nothing you did. These are internal drives that are a part of who your child is.

I share to help you be aware and to remind you to celebrate your whole child. Take time to appreciate their strengths. But also take time to let them know that it is okay to not be best at everything. Teach them to enjoy activities for the sake of the pleasure they gain from them- even if they are not very good at it. Reassure and comfort them on their bad days, and practice working through these difficult and intense emotions with them. . .

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  1. I really like this post. It's a good reminder as we begin another year.

    We homeschool, and I'm not always the perfect teacher, but I really try to diffuse the situation when my boys get frustrated that they don't know something. I try to turn the situation around really quickly by saying, "You don't know how to _____?? Wow! That is fabulous!! How exciting! You've discovered an opportunity to learn something new!" It's a bit over the top, but I genuinely hope they get the message that it isn't the end result, but enjoying the process that's important.


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