Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to Know a Good Gifted Program

I was recently reading some articles for gifted educators and came accross this interesting information to share with you.

Many parents write to me asking how they will know where to place their children, or how they will know if the program is good. Here are the elements of an effective gifted program. As you meet with schools and teacher, ask them about these areas to tell whether their program will meet your family's needs.

  • Program Design

The development of appropriate gifted education programming requires comprehensive services based on sound philosophical, theoretical, and empirical support.

  • Student Identification

Gifted learners' abilities must be assessed to determine appropriate educational services.

  • Curriculum and Instruction

Gifted education services must include curricular and instructional opportunities directed to the unique needs of the gifted child.

  • Socio-Emotional Guidance and Counseling

Gifted education programming must establish a plan to recognize and nurture the unique socio-emotional development of gifted learners.

  • Professional Development

Gifted learners are entitled to be served by professionals who have specialized preparation in gifted education, expertise in appropriate differentiated content and instructional methods, involvement in ongoing professional development, and who possess exemplary personal and professional traits.

  • Program Administration and Evaluation

Appropriate gifted education programming must include the establishment of a systematic means of developing, implementing, and managing services with an emphasis on:
  • Budgeting
  • Alignment with General Education
  • Strategic Planning

**Taken from the National Association of Gifted Children. For more info and resources, go here.**

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  1. Joni Mitchell once wrote in her song "Amelia", people will tell you where they've been, they'll tell you where to go, but till you get there yourself, you'll never really know". Sage words for us and our son, who spent a disastrous year in a self-contained gifted classroom. We have since abandoned that paradigm (one year of stress and trauma was enough) and have gone charter. I realize others will have different experiences, just spilling my thoughts.


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