Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mayan Anyone?

We all know how those gifted children get caught up in the topical themes we are covering?

Well, my class is studying Mayan people.  Anytime I can try to find some type of cross curricular link to make, I jump on it.  So we had a lesson on Mayan numbers, which also reinforced our place value unit.  They used a base twenty system which we compared to our base ten system.

We had a lot of fun calculating different numbers one afternoon and then we moved on to Mayan letters.  I thought that was fun, but the end of it. . .

Well, the several mornings later on our morning math review, one sweet little girl comes up to solve the math problem.  She wrote her answer in Mayan. . .


  1. I believe that Mayan's system is/was Base 20, not Base 5.

  2. wow, the "score" is also base 20. like Four score.... -Abe Lincoln :)
    NEAT!!!!!! I can't wait to tell my kids the Mayans used this! Thanks for sharing..


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