Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Great Article on Giftedness!

I was thoroughly surprised when I opened my mailbox yesterday to my April 2011 issue of Parents magazine.  Why so surprised?  Check out the cover.  In the upper left hand corner, there is a headline for "How to Tell if Your Child is Gifted".

I was even more delighted when I read the article and it contained valuable, insightful information on parenting the gifted.  They included quotes from Sylvia Rimm, Joseph Renzulli and other respected minds from within gifted community.  They also directed parents to resources such as and the National Association for the Gifted.

What I was happiest about was the actual, real definition of the gifted they provided.  Not the standard "every child is gifted in their own way" line that we so often hear to make parents feel better about their individual child.  Every child is a precious gift, true, but not every child is gifted in the clinical sense of the word.  Thank you, Parents magazine, for helping create awareness on what it means to be gifted as well as directing parents of the gifted to resources which help them parent their special needs child.


  1. I'm thrilled to see that, mainly because I long ago gave up on "traditional" parenting magazines. My sons weren't in them and I always felt like a failure. Hopefully this will start to open some eyes.

  2. Job well done, very informative site, I look forward to your updates. I have a website I think you would enjoy.

  3. Happy to find your blog. I have a daughter going in to a self contained class starting next year (and realizing I should have put her in it three years ago when she was first accepted - but for whatever reason, I didn't). Great blog - thanks for all the wonderful info and insight.

  4. Keep inspiring your readers, Help full for lots of peoples. thank you!

  5. Keep writing. I am a struggling "gifted" parent, trying to wade through the ins and outs of dealing with public school and my gifted children. It seems they would like to bring every child to the middle of the spectrum, instead of helping them all advance to their full potential.

  6. This one is good too:

    I actually stopped our free subscription to Parenting magazine the other year when they had an article to the effect of "Think your child is gifted? He probably isn't."


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