Monday, August 15, 2011

Changing Definitions?

There has long been a controversy over what it means to be gifted.  Some state that it is merely a measure of intelligence- quantifiable and irrefutable. Others argue that it is a more complex calculation, which needs to take into account things like creativity, intuition, and other more difficult to measure variables.

I read an interesting article this week that looks at the changes that gifted education has undergone, in theory, over the past several decades.  The article is primarily a tribute to Stanley Bosworth, the headmaster of one of the first schools for the gifted in the United States.

The final statement of the article was particularly thought-provoking to me:

"If only they'd learned the real lesson of Bosworth's legacy: that measuring the gifts and talents of children- like any high wire act- isn't a matter of brute force and cold calculation, but of exquisite flexibility and balance." (Jeff Yang)

What do you think?  Can we isolate the identification of giftedness to only test scores or do we need a more holistic approach, as Bosworth advocated?

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