Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tips for Back to School Success

It's that time of year again!  While the leaves may not be change and the thermostat is still creeping up each day, it seems like more and more kids are heading back to school in August.

I wanted to share a few tips with parents to help ensure your new school year gets off to a great success!

*Prepare your kids ahead of time.  Change is hard most children, but especially for gifted kids.  Talk through some of the aspects of school that will be different this year, and remind them of what's constant.

*Begin a new tradition.  Do something to make this year stand out as an exceptional year.  Maybe you could surprise your kids with brownies along with breakfast, a new book for the bus, or fun Star Wars zipper pull for their backpack.  Little things mean a lot to children, and they can use a special reminder to know you are thinking about them while you are apart.

*Start off on the right foot with the teacher.  Take her a Starbucks, try to get to know her, and above all- resist grilling her or monopolizing her time at Back to School night with stories and questions about your little one.

*Remember to ask your child for the highs and lows of his day when you see him.  Starting a conversation quickly, before memories are lost in the unpacking of backpacks, busyness of homework, and fun of playtime.  The longer the wait, the shorter your child's answers will be also.

*Set you child up for success with homework.  Pick a spot for backpacks, homework, and important papers.  Establish a routine and an environment for being diligent and efficient with homework as soon as kids get home.

*Stay positive!  Your child will absorb and emulate your attitude.  If you are excited, calm, and expecting great things from the new school year you child will be as well!

Do you have any other tips or suggestions for starting the new year out right?  Have you already started?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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