Wednesday, September 17, 2014


My spell check doesn't recognize "giftedness".  It wants to change it to "indebtedness" every time.

I've thought about changing the dictionary through my computer and internet, but I never do.

I think because I appreciate the reminder...

Function: noun
1 : the condition of being indebted 
       (being in debt : owing something (as money or gratitude) )
2 : something that is owed

My giftedness is a gift to me, and to everyone I come into contact with throughout my life.  Not everyone gets "the gift of giftedness" (bring on the cheesy word associations).

My parents used to frequently decry "Oh but your potential" back when I was an angsty teenager before scores of experts told us that wasn't good for children.  At the time, they were probably right because it made me even more rebellious and defiant.

But now?

As an adult?

It stuck with me and it stay with me.

"Oh the potential!"

What a burden.

What a privilege...

You can't make someone gifted.  We are born with nontypical neurological functioning.  It is who we are at our very core, basic level.

But what we do with it?

Entirely up to each one of us,

We owe it to the world and to our Creator to do something with this precious gift that was given to a very precious few.  What gratitude we should each feel.  What awe and wonder and anticipation as we each travel life's road looking for how we can use it to literally change the world.

Our potential?




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