Saturday, September 6, 2014

Why We Paid $60 for a 2 Year Old's Underwear

Hopefully this is a post to which some of you can relate...

My son decided at shortly over two years old that it was time to be potty-trained.  He'd already seen sister do it, and he liked what he saw.  Sure enough, in just a few days he had basically potty-trained himself during day time hours.  That's how he rolls...

Unfortunately this was the start of something of a nightmare.

I had forgotten during his babyhood how we had tried countless different brands of diapers in an effort to curb severe break outs from his extremely sensitive skin.

Now, we were facing it all over again with underwear.  We tried at least four different easily acquired brands that all caused blistering sores on his backside.  Finally, a friend recommended a completely organic, elastic-encased brand.  I was cautious because nothing else had worked, but it finally did.

For $12.  For a single pair.  On sale.


That's more than I pay for my own underwear.  (Sorry if that's too much information.)

As I choked over paying $60 for five pairs of underwear for my toddler, I reminded myself that this is just anther {small} part of parenting a gifted child,

It's no joke when people talk about gifted children being very sensitive.  We live it out every day.  I am so thankful to draw on the research of Dawbrowski's Overexcitabilities.  We experience sensual overexcitability daily here, as evidenced by our over-priced but necessary children's underwear for my little guy who really does feel things more strongly.

Also evidenced by a shelf in our freezer dedicated to underwear and pajamas, but that's a story for a different day...


  1. I SO relate! My youngest simply must have soft fuzzy things without seams or tags. Ain't it fun??

  2. haha I can relate and loved reading this. It is true, it's a small part of parenting a gifted child!

  3. sometimes special things come at a hefty price. we had something similar for a food item. Normal price for a gallon of milk.. about 5-6, price for the alternative 11 - 17 per gallon. #sighs

    And I want to know more about this freezer shelf. :D


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