The Joovy Spoon baby walker is manufactured and designed by Joovy Family Gear, a family owned company that’s built quite the reputation for producing safe, useful and practical baby gear. This model is just one example of the practical and fun products they have to offer.

This is a seated round walker that’s designed to strengthen your baby’s leg muscles, encouraging them to take their first steps.

The Spoon Baby Walker Overview and Features

The Joovy Spoon baby walker will allow your baby to be mobile before they start walking. The walker provides them with an impressive amount of support to move around, helping them to learn how to walk properly. The walker’s elegant, simple design allows the infant to focus more on mobility and strengthening their legs as opposed to remaining stationary and playing with an activity console like they would with an exersaucer.

The walker features a large cushioned seat so your baby will ride in total comfort as they explore their environment.

This model also comes with three height adjustments.

The walker’s wider base works to improve stability, preventing it from tipping over when your baby is more active.

The large tray insert is removable and dishwasher safe.

The anti-slip pads will provide more security and comfort, preventing your child from sliding around once they’ve finally gotten the hang of the walker and can travel at a faster speed.

This model is also foldable and folds entirely flat so it can easily be stored in homes that are short on space.  It’s also a huge selling point for this walker.

This Joovy is available in four colors including red, charcoal, blueberry, and greenie.

This model weighs in at a little over twelve pounds, with a max user weight of thirty pounds.

Baby Walker Pros and Cons

Pros: The extra-large tray can be used for mealtime and playtime. The overall construction of the walker is simple but very sturdy. The seat of the walker is very plush and comfortable, plus the chair’s cover is removable and machine washable. The anti-slip pads are perfect for homes with hardwood floors, vinyl, or tile. This is a must-have safety feature that will provide essential traction, preventing the baby from crashing into structures.

Since the tray is removable and dishwasher safe is another big plus that will help to cut down on cleanup time. Choosing the right type of walker for your infant is very important, giving you a little peace of mind concerning both comfort and safety. If you have carpet in your home, then finding a model that’s carpet-friendly can be very challenging. While a baby walker will encourage and help a child to walk, if the walker can’t move over carpeted floor, then its use it very limited. Fortunately, parents have reported that this model actually rolls well on carpeted areas.

The lowest height setting is perfect for younger infants.

Overall, we felt that while it lacked many bells and whistles, for the price, what you get is a simple, easy to clean, easy to use, space saving, and durable baby walker. It will be a great tool to use to make your baby more active and it allows you to clean your home as your child races around the room to explore their new world.

The back wheels are stationary while the front wheels swivel.

Cons: There is a thirty-three-inch height limit, making this walker unsuitable for taller infants. The simple design is a plus for some and a drawback for others. The lack of any built-in toys and music makes some parents feel that the price is too high for a basic looking walker. There have been some reports that the seat cover can be difficult to get back on once it has been washed. When the walker is new, the wheels are a bit stiff, which can make it difficult for your child to turn.

Basically, most parents agreed that the walker’s biggest flaw involved the height adjustment system. With a max height of just thirty-three inches, this is very limiting, so you can expect your child to grow out of the walker rather quickly.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, parents recommend the Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery baby walker, which is another space saving model that received plenty of positive feedback from parents.

Joovy Baby Walker Conclusion and Rating

This Joovy walker can be used as a walker and a high chair, making it the perfect choice for the family on a tight budget. The large removable tray is a huge plus if your little one enjoys snacking in between exploring the home and learning how to walk like a pro. While it doesn’t come with a built-in toy console, it does offer that larger surface so you can place your baby’s favorite toys on their tray and focus on cleaning the house with your baby always in sight.

The walker’s extra-large base will make you feel confident that you’ve purchased a baby walker that’s safe and stable. The manufacturer really has thought of everything from creating a walker that’s tip proof, to the base design that ensures that your infant’s fingers won’t get pinched should they bump into furniture or walls. Unlike other models on the market, this walker offers a thickly cushioned seat that’s actually comfortable and supportive. It’s also removable and machine washable, so you won’t have to worry if your baby makes a mess during meals.

As we have mentioned, the max height adjustment level is really the only drawback for this model. However, most infants around this size will begin to walk on their own, so they won’t rely on their walker quite as much. But, in the event you have an infant who’s taller than average you may want to pass this model by and look for a walker with a higher height capacity.

We love that this model folds completely flat, making it easy to store. Because it folds into such a compact little package it’s also perfect for travel. Parents who purchased this baby walker gave it a rating of five out of five stars which makes this model one of our top rated products and one of the best baby walkers on the market.


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