We love many of the products produced by Kolcraft, but the Tiny Steps baby walker really stood out to us, due to its solid build and highly adjustable design.

The Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 activity walker offers a really innovative design.  This multi-functioning piece of baby gear is also the most budget-friendly model we reviewed. The fun, two in one design allows mom or dad to convert the baby walker into a walk-behind walker, once the infant has outgrown the traditional walker and has begun to take their first steps. This means you can use this baby walker for a longer period of time, which is a huge plus for parents on a tight budget.

Kolcraft Tiny Steps Walker and Activity Walker Rundown and Features

While this baby walker doesn’t come equipped with a ton of bells and whistles, its versatility is enough to cause most parents to hit that buy now button. The walker comes with three height adjustable levels when it’s used as a sitting baby walker, and two height positions when used as a stand behind model.

The baby walker position is perfect for children around the ages of eight or nine months, right before they’re ready to walk. This model is designed with an ergonomic backrest that will ensure comfort as your baby learns how to use his legs to get around your home. When regularly used, this walker can help to strengthen a baby’s legs, encouraging independent mobility.

Once your baby gets bored with exploring, he can turn to the built-in developmental toys that include bright flowers with crinkly petals and textured stems, a mirror toy, a spinning ball and a bead bar. These toys are designed to expose your infant to different types of colors and textures, while also improving their fine motor skills.

Like many newer models of baby walkers, the Tiny Steps is foldable, which allows you to collapse the walker in a completely flat position and store it anywhere once your baby is done with it for the day.

The thick seat pad is removable and machine washable but it’s not dryer friendly.

Kolcraft 2-IN-1 Baby Walker Pros and Cons

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity WalkerPros: Taking care of an entire household, cleaning, doing laundry, and entertaining your baby can make getting anything accomplished nearly impossible. This model is designed to engage your little one while giving you a little freedom around the home to complete the number of daily tasks that keep your household running. The fact that this model is so affordable and works as both a walker and a stand behind walker are the biggest selling points. But even without this type of versatility, we feel that as a traditional sit-down walker this model can hold its own.

This Kolcraft walker is designed for the family on a budget.  The manufacturer does a fine job of adding a little versatility, making this model more affordable, more educational and very engaging for the infant.

This is a model that will grow with your baby, from an entertaining walker while they’re sitting, to an activity walker once they’re able to stand up on their own. The walk-behind walker will help your baby along as they learn how to take those precious first steps. We loved the console which provides plenty of interactive learning fun. The console comes equipped with a couple of teething toys, music, and a toy that spins.

Setting up the walker is very easy, thanks to the intuitive design and well-detailed instructions manual. One of the best things about this walker is how easy it is to fold up and store. As you know, baby gear can quickly and easily take over a home, so the ability to collapse the walker and store it in a tight space is a huge selling point that any parent will appreciate. It also makes this model very travel-friendly.

Other features we loved include the adjustable seat height, which allows your baby to rest their feet flatly on the floor, and the prerecorded music with volume control. The walker is light enough that you can easily pick it up and carry it from room to room but built tough so your baby can explore your home without the worry of the walker tipping over.

The large tray offers plenty of space so you can add more toys to it to keep your baby entertained, or you can use it for snack time. It also comes with a cup holder for added convenience.

Cons: Some parents found transitioning the sitting walker to the stand behind position to be a bit tricky, but once you do it a few times you’ll get the hang of it. For most parents, the most frustrating feature was the battery compartment, which can be a real challenge to get open. The walker’s safety features keep the batteries out of a baby’s reach but can make it difficult for even mom and dad to access.

If you’re looking for a baby walker with a simple design and a larger tray, parents recommend the Joovy Spoon baby walker, which is another model that received positive feedback from moms and dads.

Tiny Steps 2 Conclusion and Rating

The activity console is a decent size, allowing your little one to enjoy a snack and drink as they play with the built-in toys and teethers and enjoy the included music. As a sit-down baby walker, this model can keep your baby engaged and happy and you get your work done around the home or just enjoy some time relaxing on the couch. The stand behind walker position will take your child to the next level of development, encouraging them to take those shaky first steps. We love that this walker is so versatile and offers two functions in one and all for an affordable price. Parents who purchased this baby walker gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars for the innovative design, comfortable seat, low pricing, and overall quality.

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