Safety 1st is a company that produces a wide range of baby gear from exersaucers and push toys to interactive toys and creative baby walkers. They’re known for their colorful designs, activity packed consoles, and lower pricing. We took a closer look at the Sounds n’ Lights walker once we learned just how popular this model is in parent circles all over the country. While right off the bat we noticed that the console design wasn’t as streamlined as the manufacturer intended it to be, we still thought it had a fun, engaging look that’s bound to capture any infant’s attention immediately.

This walker functions as a mobile entertainment system for babies. It’s fill of vibrant textures and colors that can stimulate the sensory, auditory, and visual systems. This model also allows infants to strengthen their legs before they take their first steps.

The Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery walker features a folding frame and a couple of swing open toy packed activity trays with lights and sounds.

Baby Walker by Safety 1st Rundown and Features

This baby walker comes with five toys that will keep your infant happily occupied as you clean the house, do laundry, or make dinner. These toys respond to sounds and light.

The two swing open activity trays unfold an extra snack tray that can swing to either side of the activity console. This provides an additional playing surface without actually increasing the size of the walker.

You’ll love the foldable design, which allows the walker to fold completely flat. This is the perfect option for homes that are already short on space.

The cushioned seat cover is removable and machine washable.

This model offers a total of three height adjustments. As your infant grows you can raise the height level, allowing them to use the walker with their feet resting comfortably on the floor. Some parents felt that the walker was too high, preventing the baby’s feet from touching the ground. However, this is probably due to an infant’s age. We don’t recommend this walker for babies younger than nine months old, although the manufacturer states infants as young as six months old can use this walker.

This model can roll well on both carpeted and tiled floor. If your home features wall to wall carpet, then this is the perfect walker to use.

The walker’s main table features two activity trays that swing open, revealing a larger tray located in the middle. This can help introduce your infant to the concept of open and close. This also works their fine motor skills. Each of the trays also contains toys that make sounds and light up when moved. The middle tray is indented and the perfect place for snacks or other toys.

The walker features five toys that can keep your baby engaged and entertained for a long period of time. The entire design is jam-packed with colorful dinosaur themed items.

Baby Walker Pros and Cons

Safety 1st Sounds 'n Lights DiscoveryPros: The lights and sounds on this walker add a ton of entertainment value. The walker’s compact design makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a travel-friendly model. It can fold up quickly and can even fit into the trunk of compact cars.

The seat’s thick padding and soft fabric work to encourage comfort and prevent skin irritation such as chafing.

The fact that it’s machine washable is a huge selling point. Every parent knows how messy a baby can be, so a chair cover that can be tossed into the wash adds a ton of convenience to this model.

The three position height adjustment system allows infants to use the walker for as long as possible before they outgrow it.

The non-slip pads also play an important role by ensuring maximum safety. The non-slip pads automatically reduce the movement of the walker when a baby pushes it over uneven surfaces.

The walker weighs in at just eleven pounds and features a max weight of thirty pounds.

Cons: While this model remains very popular on Amazon, the walker’s overall design left use feeling confused. When it comes to the top activity tray, we didn’t understand why the designer didn’t think of making the top tray detachable, as opposed to the swing design. The swing design doesn’t work smoothly, making it a challenge to open the tray. This issue is due to the latch which happens to be located directly under the tray. You have the pull the latch really hard, then swing the tray open, and at times, the trays tend to stick. While we love the fact that the chair’s seat cover is removable, it’s actually really difficult to get it on and off, which takes away for the convenience or the desire to deal with it. However, with proper care, you can prevent the seat cover from shrinking by drying it on tumble dry and avoiding a standard heat dry cycle. This will make taking the cover on and off more manageable.

If you’re looking for a more versatile model, parents also recommend the Kolcraft Tiny Steps baby walker.

Safety 1st Baby Walker Conclusion and Rating

We loved the bright, vivid color scheme, and the large, interactive toys that light up and make noise, which works to engage infants. We also can appreciate the different height settings which allow an infant to use this walker for a longer period of time, without the worry that the child will quickly grow out of it. This model is reasonably priced, works well on most types of flooring including carpet and folds up flat so you can easily store it away when your baby is done using it for the day. The design flaws didn’t deter us from using this walker, but they do affect the overall convenience of using it and cleaning it. Ultimately, most parents can agree that for the price, it’s worth overlooking these minor issues.

Parents who purchased this model gave it a rating of four out of five stars for pricing, the interactive console, and the space saving design.

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